Saturday, March 20, 2010

I don't write them. I just post them!


Just so there is no confusion "Wifey" is airbrushed right on your ass.

Now this is Classy

A veil might help

No white bridey stuff here

Nice silver tube top

Alice in Pimpland?

Nothing like a cake statue of the bride. Yum yum

The traditional wedding cake smash---

Forget something?

First Mother-in-law advice...

The camo tux

Star wars lovers

The bride doing a kegstand.

Elvis actually looks the best of the bunch

This is dude is the Prince of the Mole Kingdom.

Who needs a limo?

Superior Support. What if one of those things breaks loose and hits the minister?

After his engagement, he figured he would be captured overseas and never be back.


kbxmas said...

OMG, I'm feeling so... traditional, which is kinda scary. That last guy must be hoping for the sweet release of death that comes when one goes down in a rain of bullets as one sacrifices oneself by being the decoy that allows his troops to sneak across the border.

Adorabibble said...

the trouble is they both look so happy... she has that "hambeast in love" glow. and he has that "deer in the head lights" look of euphoria, knowing that this is as good as it gets.
everyone has someone out there I like to think and they found it (SHUDDER).
bottom line everyone has there own idea of what marriage means to them.
my last wedding I was naked in the back yard, in April in Alaska...