Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which one is Mr. Pink?

Who Watches the Watchmen?

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Freedom wrote:

I cannot freakin' wait to see The Watchmen!!!


hey, I have tickets to century 16 so when it comes out I don't have to wait in line. (hopefully they will be playing it) I am going to the very first showing. whether J. goes or not I am going.
Next Friday!
so psyched!

you read the graphic novel. "I'm not in here with you, you are in here with ME!" You will look up and say "help us" I will look down and say" no!" Rorschach has the best lines in the book and is my favorite character. "You got bean juice on you? yeah, human bean juice."

You can't wait? I have been waiting 20+ years for this, I had it originally in 12 single issues. Just like "V". I just hope they don't butcher the fuck out of it.
I haven't liked any of his work made in to movies.(league of extraordinary gentlemen, From hell, and not let us for get the horrid Constantine, Jamie Delano may have wrote the series,Alan Moore created the character in issue 34 of Swamp Thing(with Jason Blood, "you see Selena, doesn't like the lawn furniture" and "CAMERA spell it... C-A-M-E-R-A!") Constantine was a guest character for the "American Gothic" run of the series and helps the Swamp Thing come to term with his vegetableness! ) "V" was the best and they still screwed it up.

Who watches the WATCHMEN?
I will next Friday!

I shudder to think if they do more of Mr. Moore's stuff as he is so totally opposed to these movies.
what would they do with Big Numbers(wak, wak, gossamer, gossamer.) and Miracleman/Marvleman, and Maxwell the Magic cat, along with newer titles.
Mr. Moore is one of my all time favorite writers. I prefer to experiance the stories as they were intended, in graphic novel/comic book form.
I have to see the giant clock glass ship on Mars. I am a total sell out.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


well Nappy's kuspuk is finished... all but the decoration. so I have to figure that out. Travel agent Alan and Michele from have put there two cents in and I have my thinking cap on so we will see.

Nappy's kuspuk/parka Final installment of the sewing of

So I am finished with Napoleon Dynamite's Kuspuk/Parka. it is waiting for him when he is done having a blast with Charli, In Massachusetts. this way he will stay warm, for all of Nappy's adventures please go to and talk to the friendly and informative Travel agent Alan! he can answer all ?'s and if you would like to host ND also talk to Alan! And a special thanks to Michele at
without her help I would not of been able to finish it without little to no frustration, and she was my cheering section for this project as well. Go see her blog, it is good!
well folks it is time for bed as I can hardly see.
love and fishes

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confucius Says...

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

I ask, which is wise and which is stupid?

A mask I made

I made this mask, what I mean by that is I bought it when it was bisque, I painted it, and had it fired. I then went and bought the feather and sparkles, and rocks(it is a chain of small black rocks) and added everything but the hooks to hold the chain. I took it to a jeweler friend and she added the hooks and Then I added the chain. and that is how I ended up with the finished product. J. has it and wont relinquish it. he loves it that much so I gave it to him. why fight with him?, he has good taste.
we are arguing how to display it. I say that it should mount on to the wall thru the eyes(as I saw it originally), and he wants to hang it. problem being there would have to be more screws or brackets glued to it. so we are discussing a plate hanger. (I think it need to be hung from the wall, so does he. we are arguing how, even though I gave it to him it is still my art and I would like to see it how it was in my head at least once, before I let him do what he wants with it.)
*SIGH* update he is making it so I can see it the way I had seen it. FYI it didn't work, so plate hanger for now it goes.
I saw the whole thing in my head, the finished product, before I even ever put on drop of paint on it. somethings are just like that either you see it or you don't, or you see it and it doesn't work out. I saw the pimento vase before in my head but it turned out nothing like what I saw. it still worked.
then there is I didn't see it and it just took a direction and worked.
over all the best I like is the I saw it and it the finished product matches what I saw.
they are all great. that is the process. it just lifts my self esteem when I can get it out of my head and into something I recognize. Everyone is an artist, it just takes different shapes. Art isn't just art, it is everything.
thanks for reading!
love and fishes

Friday, February 20, 2009

me and me BFF on pixie hollow

I am Hurricane Starglimmer and my BFF (that is so Tween) Hyacinth Watersprite, dressed up for each other and decorated our homes for the cozy winter. we sit and talk and change clothes, and share tips with each other. she is really nice. some of the fairies are mean, Not Hyacinth, she defends me when someone makes fun of my goggles. and I when someone tells her her house is a mess. it is *NOT* a mess. she decorates beautifully. So here is to us too.
Love and Fishes

And the last of what I have to show for today!

I play on pixie hollow, as a fairy. this is my home for the winter.
I also get on the family site and they have a craft section. they teach you how to make 'flower fairies' these are my flower fairies in various stages some with wings some still needing. the ones with wings only need there silk flower dresses. I have yet to make a trip to my shop next door to get my silk flowers. and as to silk flowers, I make head wreaths. that is what the pictures are of also. those are the tiny ribbon roses. I also make then with all size and color silk flowers. they can be ornamental like the one on the picture or for real use as I do. (I wear them with my butterfly wings and my masks that PJ made me.) not only am I a fairy on the computer, I am in one in real life!
love and fishes,

Nappy's kuspuk/parka part 2

This is my parka for ND and his visit so far still have to sew the hood on and sew on the arms. but making progress nicely!

My crossstitch

I am a member of the local chapter of the EGA. Arctic needle workers, is what we call ourselves. this is my second year as a member.
We have a outreach section of our group. Our volunteer efforts or our causes. one of our members Jen Funk Webber is a cross stitch designer.
Stitching for Literacy
2009 Bookmark Challenge
that is what I am doing. last year and the year before it was an Ambigram of the word read. it was lovely and I stitched 1/2 a dozen of them. we did this at the municipal libraries, and it was a bunch of us from the Guild teaching lots of kids both big and small. Needless to say keeping most kids still for more than 1/2 an hour is impossible, so with deliberation from all Jen set work to do the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet for this years Stitching for Literacy. I am stitching these (the whole alphabet upper and lower) for this so that there are examples, and when that is done I hope to have all the letters made into bookmarks, to give the children as prizes for reading. I have done a, A- m, M I will be starting on n, N today! all of the floss and Aida (the cloth has been donated and I am donating my time)
I feel it is a worthy cause. one of many that I participate in.
Finding something like this isn't difficult, and a spare few minutes here and there really effect others. What have you done for YOUR world today?
love and fishes

some of my pottery painting

as requested here is some of my pottery with the famous "Pimento Loaf Vase" or as the men call it "the nipple vase" oh well ya have a great idea and then you do it and it is *horrid*. It has grown on me. and even though it is not what I had in mind it is what it is, and that is enough.
love and fishes


welcome to Julian!

Another new follower.
*oh my gosh*

2 new followers in the same day! I am having a boom!

please check Julian at HOPELESS BELIEVER!

welcome and please fell free to look around and comment as you see fit!


your sassy reporter, welcome to my new follower!

All the way from the Philippines!
I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to poke around!

A challenge!

Argentum Vulgaris of Nether Region of The Earth II has a challenge of a Meme for me as I challenged him with the letter T!

The rules according to AV:(as this is his game!)
"The rules are simple, list ten things about you, or that you like beginning with your letter, linking the Meme back to me and invite people to participate by leaving a comment."

My letter, gentle reader is... W. (the crowd roars!)

1)Window. window's come in all places the walls, into worlds or the soul. the eyes they say are window's to the soul. first thing I look at when I see or meet a person. It will tell you volumes, about the person. My other half J. always looks at womens eyes first too. and his friends used to give him shit. he said he was "trying to see the soul, and not just the hole"
that is why he is my other half. it doesn't matter what you look like what matters is what is in side, the most beautiful package can be rotten inside, and vice versa.

2)Warm. I can be very warm. both physically and verbally,etc. The people that hang around me would prefer me to be warm and loving as the alternative. Ice Queen from hell.

3)Wail. I cry allot. as I have a ton of things to deal with. this usually occurs while I am being the Ice Queen from hell. the sound brings grown men to the knees.

4)Wamble. Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down. When I take my meds at night, I wamble everywhere I go. I have to keep care where my feet are and where I am. I can't afford to have a broken hip. I would be dead.

5)Worry. I worry about everything, anything and all. I have the guilt of a Catholic without being one. How arrogant and self centered. as If, I can make everything better when I am a train wreck!

6)Water. I am a water baby. I get in water (a pool or such) and I turn into a guppy. I have been swimming as long as I can remember I have never been scared of it. I am Gemini, a air spirit. in other cultures I am a oak tree. I love water, go fig?

7)Witch. I come from witch women, Irish witch women. I have probably been burned at the stake or some other nicety in a previous life. It is the one thing in this life that is holding me back as I am not in touch with it well. I have always known and seen things all of my life and I have been tortured, medicated and abused for it. I can see auras I have had what I have seen verified with a aura camera. I know things about people I have never met, that astonish people that know them. I can tell when someone is lying to me, (their color changes). I talk to my dead grandmother, she is more fun than she was in life, as she is free of that particular pain.
I have been so distant from it all of my life and I am working to hone it. it is not easy. it is like walking again, after being paralyzed. I am a practicing hearth witch. with my herbs and teas and strange things. through my cooking and healing, it is coming through.

8)Waffler. If you ask me a yes or no ? you will get a ten minute dissertation, and if you want a long answer you will get a yes or a no. J. thinks I would make a awesome politician.

9)Warped. My sense of humor is warped. I have Shannonism's "it is in my pockets, the left or the right" "I haven't seen you since the last time I saw you" And the Freddie Kruger movies are funny. I will start laughing hysterically, at the *most* inappropriate times. I am silly and I have been working so hard to connect my inner terror with my outer terror. I look forward to see where it will end up.

10)Waggish or Waggery. Which got me into this in the first place, Argentum Vulgaris of Nether Region of The Earth II and his waggery, got me into this waggish behavior. Thanks AV!

So there you have it, I'm glad he didn't give me J or X as he took it easy on my noob butt.
This is a fun thing to do. visit AV, and challenge him, or give me one? Or I can give you one.
So far the letters taken that I know of are Q,A,T,& W. have a great one!
thanks for reading,
love and fishes,


Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America ,

Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as 'HILLBILLIES.'

You must now refer to them as APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS .

And furthermore


1. She is not a 'BABE' or a 'CHICK' - She is a ' BREASTED AMERICAN.'

2. She is not ' EASY ' - She is 'HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE.'



5. She does not 'NAG' you - She becomes ' VERBALLY REPETITIVE.'

6. She is not a 'TWO- BIT HOOKER' - She is a ' LOW COST PROVIDER.'


1. He does not have a ' BEER GUT' - He has developed a 'LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY.'

2. He is not a 'BAD DANCER' - He is ' OVERLY CAUCASIAN.'


4. He is not 'BALDING' - He is in 'FOLLICLE REGRESSION..'

5. He does not act like a 'TOTAL ASS' - He develops a case of

6. It's not his 'CRACK' you see hanging out of his pants - It's

Now that you know how to be POLITICALLY CORRECT! go out there and get on it!
I know an oldie but a goody!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confucius Says...

Never give a sword to a man who can't dance...

this is why I love Confucius.

Simple and to the point.

hey all!

I have added intensedebate, as my comment leaver (is that a word? well it is now) it should be easier to leave a comment and I like the format better personally, so there. if you are having a problem with my new widget please let me know. I hope it works well with out allot of bugs!
thanks all,
Love and fishes

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

well.... I'm losing weight

thank whatever, weight is coming off huge and fast. That is good *really GOOD!*
I was last Tuesday the 10th at 493.9 lbs. Yesterday monday the 16th I was 475.9.
that was at my PCP office he ordered blood work. An hour after I went to the specialist (endocrinologist, and a nice one cause she was nice to me this time) and her scale said 475lbs. and I emptied all of my pockets and all I only had on was my underwear(top and bottom), tank top, pants, and socks and the scale then said 461lbs. Any way you look at it this is what I have been waiting for the huge loss, so at least 18 maybe more.
the specialist wanted blood so I had 200ml taken (30ml is an ounce) exactly 6.762804511780001 in ounces. so needless to say they are taking good care of me (or taking all of my blood)( I had all of the blood for both dr.'s drawn at once, I'm getting smart)
And I had euphoric recall from my drug days. If they want that much blood, the can poke and poke with a blue butterfly OR they can get a green butterfly and a 200ml syringe and suck it out(which takes less than a minute this way and one poke) (which is what blood tech did) in the process of pulling out blood with a syringe (she did more pulling than pushing) but just enough that my head dropped through my stomach and I wanted to die.
Needles are for medicine not pleasure, but my funky brain still equates a push with a high.
You would think that would be a great thing for an ex poly, as it wasn't just one thing, it was everything I could get me hands on, or in a needle.
It takes me back to a very painful part of my life. and the this just hilarious, due to the fact at that point I was blotto all the time, and the time I wasn't I was assuring that I would be as soon as possible. That is a living nightmare to live like that. waiting for the dealer to show up, waiting hours. When? WhEn? WHEN!!!!? and it is never as good as promised, it is death, slow but death none the less. I remember my first dr. appt in treatment when I had to have my blood drawn. I was so scared. and I was Higher than a kite when I got back to treatment, and they were so mad at me and I was so scared. And My counselor knew that I was having euphoric recall, and explained it to me. (I was supported by a sponsor when I went so I was never out of sight of her so I had covered my bases with out knowing it.)

So I am sticking with my diet modifications and swimming and moving more. and it is paying off.
I was ready to give up and I had won.
That is how it is with me.
I have already won I just am the last to know, and I have given up.

Every breath I take is one that I am not supposed to have.
I am tired, I am losing weight through my skin and every other place. I am hot and sweaty and that is the best thing I could be, in thermo genesis.
It will get harder the less I weight and I will get stuck, as long as it is down I will work on my patience, and optimism.
Thanks for all the kind words my friends. You are more help than you realize. for that I am grateful for you.
I keep trudging....
thanks for reading!


this is the real deal!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre Valentines day!

Freedom sent me this and called me a Whore!

I'm a whore cause people like me.

I can live with that.

It pays better and is much more fun that actually being one. Long story!

Happy Valentines days My Valentines!
Thanks for reading.

thanks for the comments to I'm fat!

can't post in comments so I am here. thanks AV and Beth!
that was a hard day and I was unhappy. and I couldn't get on pixie hollow as they only support windows machines and I an Linux. found a way around it, but I was with out my game for 2 days and when I can't sleep or need to veg I get on and play. it is soothing. I didn't have that. I have other coping skills, one of them being this blog, so I did. it helped immensely. it is always darkest before the dawn. it is so true. I have come too far and worker to hard to give up.
I have 2 specialists in the next two weeks. My dr's that work with me on a regular basis are supportive cause the see me every couple weeks, and they can see my struggles. The ones that see me more infrequently are less kind. "I need to deal with my food addiction" "do you realize how this weight is hurting your health" "you need to have the lap-band" "the weight is killing you"

*NO* *really*?
I live in this body, FULL TIME!
and it is not that simple, It is everything, period. and it takes all I have. and some specialist has all the answers. I have to see them as they are the "experts" in medicine.
I am the expert in this body. while I am not doing well, I am the only one that can fix me. I can't do it by myself. and if I keep listening to them I will off myself.
I really don't think they realize how much they are hurting me.
I can have both of us doing that as I am doing enough damage to myself.
I am doing this all by the seat of my pants and they are idiots, who don't care.
Oh well I will keep plugging along, as the other choice is unacceptable.
And away i trudge.

Gemini~ My horoscope for the next couple of days!

This is my horoscope for the day. I subscribe to this and I believe in it and other things along the lines, so welcome to my Gemini world!

Rose-Colored Glasses
Mercury Sextile Neptune
Feb 13, 2009 to Feb 15, 2009

Anything more important than what to order for take-out or what to watch while you're eating it should definitely be put on hold. Remember that, especially if you're in the company of someone who's good at making you forget. No major decisions are to be made for at least 48 hours.

love Love
Venus Square Mars
Feb 12, 2009 to Feb 15, 2009

The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and you're in love. Definitely. Well, congratulations. Just in case you're not quite sure, somewhere in the back of your fragrant, pink, smoke-filled brain, however, arrange for a prenup. And don't let Elvis do the ceremony. He's dead, you know.

energy Energy
Mars Quincunx Mars
Feb 13, 2009 to Feb 16, 2009

Much as you'd like to simply let your opponent know in no uncertain terms that they're playing with fire, your innate sense of fairness won't let you do it -- fortunately.

career Career
Sun Quincunx Pluto
Feb 12, 2009 to Feb 13, 2009

Heaven help anyone who challenges you or questions your judgment -- because they'll need it. They can run, but they can't hide. Not forever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well I'm really fat!

Top Ten Signs You've Eaten Too Much

10. Hundreds of volunteers have started to stack sandbags around you.

9. Doctor tells you your weight would be perfect for a man 17 feet tall.

8. You are responsible for a slight but measurable shift in the earth's axis.

7. Right this minute you're laughing up pie on the carpet.

6. You decide to take a little nap and wake up in mid-July.

5. World's fattest man sends you a telegram, warning you to "back off!"

4. CBS tells you to lose weight or else.

3. Getting off your couch requires help from the fire department.

2. Every escalator you step on immediately grinds to a halt.

1. You're sweatin' gravy.

Now with that out of the way I have started to exercise. I lose weight or I die. lovely huh?
true though.
I did a lot of physical work once I got clean and ended up dumping 205lbs I was at 333lbs.
Something happened, I was attacked by a roommate, and I started gaining weight.
one thing lead to another and i weighed myself today I am 493.9lbs.
I have been making great strides. I am in a group. I am swimming. I am working so hard. and the nurse, and dr, and therapist and ANP and acupuncturist all think that I am doing great.
I felt great before I got weighed. I went to see the dr. as I am hurting from exercising, blood work, and an appt today. they tell me it is muscle. I am 6.1lbs short of 500lbs. I was 538 at my highest I am 44.1 lbs from that weight. All I can see is a ticking time bomb. me.
They tell me to give it time. I don't feel I have it.
I stopped being actively suicidal, now i am just trying too eat myself to death...
I don't know how much longer i have, something will give.
what do you do when you are to scared to live and to scared to die?

Someone gives me a compliment and I want to rip off my eyelids. makes me want to stick my head in a cake. So I start the post with degrading fat jokes. this is my life and I can't even take it seriously. what am I doing? what do I want? WHY?
I don't have much more in me.
No matter where I go or what i do, the past is there, nightmares every night, flashbacks more often.
How am I supposed to do this when I don't care. what made me care when I did my last attempt. I don't know what i am doing or where I am going, it doesn't look fun though.
why does it have to get worse to get better.
I'll take my meds and go off to visit the nightmares.
My therapist told me to make a PFD~ Personal Flotation Device for my fairy for me to hold on to when i feel like I am drowning, so I will make one tomorrow and keep plugging away and hope that all of my hard works starts to pay off, or i am screwed.

Junk mail of the month give away!

well February's Junks mail winner is Alan of among others blogs (including but not limited to)
Alan gets the snail mail bad porn letter (the Enhancer patch).
Please tune in for next months (March) junk mail give away.
I will post it and you can if you care apply for it and i will mail it to you!
Congratulations! Alan. Your letter is on it's way!

a conversation with Freedom

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 6:55 PM, freedom wrote:
Can you wear Knee Socks? or, do they cut off your circulation like they do mine?

dorabibble wrote:

I love knee socks, I don't have ankles or calves I have cankles! I can't get them past my tree trunk calves. I wear footies or fat mens anklets

Freedom wrote:

They make fat men's anklets? Whoa!

dorabibble wrote:

my socks! (see pic above!)

Freedom wrote:

Wait a minute. You're a fat man, therefore you need fat man socks?


dorabibble wrote:

nope not a a fat man a fat woman who like really comfy socks, and these are the big and tall size 14 mens socks. so comfy, and when cankles swell it is nice not to have socks eat legs!

Freedom wrote
I've got a couple pair of those super fluffy Walmart womens socks that feel like cottonballs. You'd like 'em.


dorabibble wrote
I try them and they won't stay on my feet. too fat!

Freedom's last note to me on this subject:
Well, sounds like you need to chop off your feet, Twat! I know I would.


So much love this woman has to give I call her sugar tits (Caleb's Fault!) and she calls me super twat! Oh well...