Friday, September 21, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


could not come up with a title. some thing was occurring to me as I was in nature doing my thing. (I don't do it in the house)(I hate the smell) I do not write anymore
things just went to shit and I stayed there.
why am I writing? I actually had a pleasant nights sleep last night. a very mild night.
this is a very rare thing for me anymore and you don't want to know what i had to do to achieve it.
I have a kidney and bladder infection, I will be at the dr's in less than an hour. it was hard to tell that I had it, finally the fevers and blood confirmed it.
I don't smoke cause it is fun, it isn't, it is a chore most of the time!!!
was that rough for you? it is what it is.
so with that I guess I came to apologize to you who read, for not writing more. I will work to correct that
so I will try to check in more often. things have just been to damn hard and I don't know why I keep going, not another choice huh?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

things may be better...

and in some ways they are still the same.
yesterday I went for my medical marijuana car and in about 40 days if all goes right I will be legal. being a criminal is not something I do well.
drawing a blank as to the rest I dunno.
I am tired and sick today, tomorrow is errands if I can make it.
the last 6 months has been hell and I am so glad to be on this side of it, it has been so hard.
once I am legal I will move to edibles. found a place here in Alaska, you have to have a card but it is a start. I do qualify for this, now it is just a matter of doing the paper work right( oh god did I?) it was mailed yesterday and they now have 35 days to respond from the date they get it which is Saturday. lets hope I dotted all of my I and T's. I know I did fine. I just want to look at the paperwork and make sure it is right. I hate this.
WAITING.... something I don't do well. I am just getting ready for winter, and taking care of my self.
this blog is no longer fun, or funny. may have to do something about it.
all the funny stuff is on face book.
so look for me there if ya want funny. Oh and the only game I play is Pot Farm, so be prepared for that.
are you wondering when I became a stoner? me too? pain is something that debilitates you, and will make you insane,. maybe I will be persuaded to tell the last 2 years and what set it off. maybe not
who knows it is a sad story? but not today...
see ya all around.