Monday, June 14, 2010

It's my birthday!

we are going 100 or so miles out of town (160.93 KM) I haven't been more than 50miles in years, this causes great anxiety, so here I am at the butt-crack of dawn, trying to be calm, as It is like Christmas morning waiting for the parents to get up, for me.
here is where we are going.


Now being it is the big 4-0, it has been great.
I have taken the approach in the last month of "Oh LOOK I have MADE it TO 40!!!!"
not "holy SHIT I'm gonna be 40!!!"
it has helped tremendously.
I have gotten great loot for my bday, a lovely cake (it was lemon with lemon curd/cream cheese filling, with white chocolate butter cream frosting) we ate it yesterday and mine this morning as I type to you!
professionally made to! Thanks to Toby @ Terra Bella on Diamond. they rock!

so here are some pictures of eagle river (15 miles north east of anchorage) as we went and had my birthday dinner there on Saturday.
let me clarify we don't have just a birthday we have a birth week. J stretches it out of as long as he can, 4 cards the last 4 days and more to come, flowers (4 roses in stead of 40, he wanted to get me 40, but it was too expensive and I agree.)
2 red, 2 blue white. beautiful!
so here they are!

click to enlarge

so I will go catch a fish and whack it on the head and eat it.
see ya on the flip side, I'm off to panic!


Beth said...

Happiest of days to you Bib! Hope you had a great time! That's some gorgeous country where you live...someday, someday I'm going to explore the rest of this continent, with Alaska way up on the list. Your bday cake sounds yummy and J sounds like a good guy who loves ya. Hope to see some more pictures of the fishing expedition. 40 is awesome!

Tempo said...

So, trees, water...gods own country. Yours is one part of the world I'd really love to see.
40? ..a distant memory...or it would be if I could remember that far back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy B Day, I missed it on Monday and yesterday didn't start. Girl, you got some beautiful country there, don't let that Palin bitch stuff it up.