Monday, August 15, 2011

What is that noise you are listening to?

is a cat being raped? nope, just me singing.
I sing, didn't say I could I just like to for me. it makes me happy.
I got stuck in the 1980's romantic/new wave/punk stuff.
it is hard to be around me if you have a head ache, one, I am keyed up, on gack level nine.
yes, GACK! not a word the spell check tells me.
Gack, that feeling that you have just before you puke, when your body is going at warp 90++++, and you want to die.

OMGOODNESS!!!! is this going to be a fun post? well no that was the last one but it won't be as bad as possible.

I am so gacked. I have been puking really bad, so that my head feels like it is going to explode. my face is a mess with all of the broken blood vessels, I am "spotty"
on a good note I am losing weight hand over fist, and my ass is disappearing at an alarming rate, mostly rapidly.
how is this weight loss different?
it is coming off and staying off. I have a bunch of muscle, that I have never had.
you can see my spine and I have hipbones and ribs that I can feel,
also everything hurts like hell. also I can do what I have to to help myself, which at this point is not much.
Oh I "look" good.
yeah something of a slight tan and over 100lbs of weight loss. I am growing my hair for now so the mohawk is funny looking to say the least. like an over grown chia pet.

I have a new camera but I am still learning to use it, so a picture will be soon, I promise.
and when I am less spotty..
I am okay. the guys are taking care of me and making it much easier to do this. I got really angry after my mother died and I got very sick, and I am only now able to hold small things down again, bananas, bananas, gack.
I walked out of the shower the other night and walked past the trash can in the main kitchen and puked in it. it smelled bad but not like that bad.
so that got changed immediately.
so life goes on and I hold on.
here is the song I am listening to right now so I will leave you with that. later folks thanks for reading.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Don't we sound like a chirpy little bird today. Great to see. I haven't seen you write a 'happy' for a long time. Go fo it!


Beth said...

Keep singing, little chia ;-)
...never stop writing. Much love to you!

Tempo said...

The weight loss is great news...the sickness is not so good. I hope the weight loss continues and the sickness does not..

Adorabibble said...

thanks AV! there may be more of them to come.

Beth. love you to! I am writing as I can.

Tempo! unfortunately this is how it is for now. I am doing every thing I can to make it better. some days are better than others.

thanks for all the love.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Great, I'm waiting... After my recent google experience, I need loads of 'happy.'