Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bappy Hirth day to me

well it is today. I have already thrown up my meds this am, and picked them back out re ate them and puked them again. Oh I am back on meds. Neurontin 900mgs(yes I know that is more than you were taking Shannon) Latuda (don't even ask, I am tired of it raining in the house and the dandelions swearing at me) and Dronabinal (yes isn't that the marijuana pill?) why yes it is and considering I can't even hold my meds down right now what else am I supposed to do? I am living on Gatorade, bananas, rice and apple sauce. oh and I am down to 350ish lbs. I have gone from being morbidly obese to extremely obese, my BMI is between 53 and 54. I blend now in with people as I am not the biggest person by any means. I have lost 160lbs now. WHOO HOOO!!!!! so I am off back to bed, then there will be today and tomorrow to celebrate. I just wish J was here and intact. it makes this day somewhat sad for me, but oh well isn't that just the way it is? happy day to all, may today bring you all your hopes and dreams!

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