Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what to write?

nothing, I am sick and contagious and home and unhappy with shingles! YEAH!(not)I cut off all of my hair. I am bald with a landing strip on the top of my head and some hair to put a braid in right in front. I am fat and sleeping allot and not having much to do with much of anything. J is still batshit whiny, and crazy cause he hasn't seen me in a week, well I have shingles dumb ass? why would I come out? let me touch you and lick you... you too can have blistery sores that explode. seriously folks do you have to fight to get a vacation? I can't get one unless I am covered in sores WTF!!!? most people I know can't handle being sick this long due to oh lets say paying the rent? so home I stay much to everyone’s unhappiness. I am enjoying the fuck out of sleeping and healing, first break I have had all summer. well back to sleep and the whiny one's. night all.

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