Tuesday, September 18, 2012


could not come up with a title. some thing was occurring to me as I was in nature doing my thing. (I don't do it in the house)(I hate the smell) I do not write anymore
things just went to shit and I stayed there.
why am I writing? I actually had a pleasant nights sleep last night. a very mild night.
this is a very rare thing for me anymore and you don't want to know what i had to do to achieve it.
I have a kidney and bladder infection, I will be at the dr's in less than an hour. it was hard to tell that I had it, finally the fevers and blood confirmed it.
I don't smoke cause it is fun, it isn't, it is a chore most of the time!!!
was that rough for you? it is what it is.
so with that I guess I came to apologize to you who read, for not writing more. I will work to correct that
so I will try to check in more often. things have just been to damn hard and I don't know why I keep going, not another choice huh?

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