Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A post...

I am sitting here, at home and the temp out side is 34 degrees (Fahrenheit). I am clothed and wearing socks (as you know most of us blog on the nude (AHEM)) I have my room heat as high as it will go, and a portable heater going, and I am freezing (well not so much)
you would thing that it would have to be -12 to make this happen. nope just long exposure to too much cold. from what I am aware of in the rest of my friends worlds, and those are who I am blogging for (hey everyone!) it has been a world of extremes. I try not to pay attention to it. life is WAY to stressful (...NO?...Really NO!...)
(as my poor head twitches to the side, and my eyes bug out of my head!)

Well now that we are all here, we can sit down and have a chat about things, get your cup of ____insert drink here___, I will get my green tea, and we will get comfy. BRB! turn down the heat, get a sip, boy is that good! Now where were we?

I am stressed out. (NO not you Shannon?)
yes me, and I am having trouble dealing with all of it. (why what has been going on?)
lots of stuff, way to much to mention, but since you asked and I have you all to myself you are going to hear it! (please do tell, with a smile on your face!) another sip of tea, boy is that good, hope you are comfy and enjoy the ride.
I haven't seen my primary physician since July. I will see a doctor Monday, just for medicine refills. haven't seen the shrink since before thanksgiving, saw Dr shrink in October.
(so you haven't seen a Dr recently?)
No I have all kinds of other Dr's to see. I have all kinds of specialists. and there is the ER if you get really sick! which has happened, I was so sick from thanksgiving to now, I don't remember much of thanksgiving week. we kept me high on pain pills and shoved chocolate in my mouth every time I opened it. that is what I remember. I have lost allot of weight, which isn't the way I want to do it but umm, yeah... I am still not eating much, but I am doing okay... I just flicked myself in the eye with my tea container, I am so talented!
stress-full week ahead.
Things I can't discuss for now are making me crazy. (I will be here when you need to talk.) I know, you are a really good friend ya know that? (have to be with a friend like you ;P)
I am holding my own.
I have lowered 4 of my meds. why take them if they don't work? trust me folks I am a professional, I do this all the time, at least I am way nicer about it than the Dr's would be. At least I can keep soft things down. slowly but surely I will get there, and it is going to work out.
My mother is dying of liver failure, you would of thought the cancer would of killed her?
So Being that I detest things that are like my mother (hey it is better than it was) I will not die like her. I will have a long healthy life ahead of me one foot at a time.

seriously, now for other things....

I found a picture on Craigslist that was totally inappropriate. here it is.

that is like a super Dutch oven ewwwww.....

see how nicely I work that in?
(...NO?...Really NO!...)

and that is my post and I am sticking by it.



Tempo said...

Hi , glad to see you back to your blog. I like the way you did this one...very interesting! Hope youre feeling better soon

Adorabibble said...

hey nice to see you too!

Beth said...

Oh, Bib...You are a marvel. I hope you know that. (fucking doctors can stick it up their stethoscopes)

Adorabibble said...

Beth I know, one day at a time at this point~!