Sunday, October 23, 2011


not much to report here. down to 410lbs, for a 102lb weight loss from last year this time.
I have hair, yes I am not wearing my Mohawk. I am still cute, just smaller with more hair. I will have pictures as soon as I find the camera again. I still throw up daily, and I am in allot of pain, oh well.
like I said not much, just hanging in waiting for snow.
I love snow, (OBVIOUSLY) (where do I live again?)
it snows and the noise disappears, the snow dampens sound. it is so quiet and soft outside.
I hate the cold as it makes my pain worse, but snow is the best thing ever.
it is all I can remember for as long as I remember, and the bitter cold.
My favorite temp? about 55.
don't need a jacket, not to hot, no bugs. think spring and fall.
we have parks and wetlands all over the city, it is one of the reasons the town is so large 25X25miles or so.
10 minutes in any direction and there are trees and wet lands.
we have birds (ducks) that stay all year round cause assholes feed them.
so when I was out on Friday, and we went to the lagoon, it is separated by a bank and train tracks on top of the bank.
the water had a thin sheet of ice on it and the open areas they had ducks, and they would try to swim as close to us as they could get, quacking like mad ducks the whole time.
I do not appreciate those uppity ducks expecting me to feed them.
I do not feed the animals. it kills them.
so I sit and let the ducks abuse me hoping to see an eagle, that eagle would shut them up quick. there is a mated pair in the area.they are really beautiful.
it is better to sit in the cold and not smell the sewer treatment plant near by.
it was really busy on the board walk. runners biker walkers and all sorts just passing each other as they zoom by me, as I sit and watch the ducks.
My mother went to high school just up the hill from the ducks. there is also a wonder bread outlet store, they used to sell garbage bags, I mean Hefty bags size 33+gallon of day old bread that you could buy for 5 dollars and feed the ducks with.
I would get my bread for the ducks, and I would eat it. food was few and far between. my mother would buy food for the ducks and let us starve, so fair was fair.
I hate wonder bread.
hate the smell as you drive by and smell it baking.
it is the little things that get ya.
I have been watching snow creep down the mountains, another inch or more of progress, each time I look. soon it will snow for good and the winter shit will start.
things will not be as accessible for me when it snows. it gets harder and more dangerous to move outside. fortunately we have malls around here and I will start mall walking this winter.
I will miss the outside, and the sun.
I saw one of my drs and I will be going off my elavil again here after the first week of November as Freedom is coming to town, WHOO HOO! I am not getting sick for her being here. I will schedule being sick after she is gone!
Just things that rattle around in my brain.
so this is it for now. love to all.


Tempo said...

Great news on the weight loss Shan, keep it up... though I feel for you in the sickness front.
Ive only seen snow once in my 50 yrs, and that was kind of slushy first muddy snow of the season. In the whole of Australia we only have a handful of mountains big enough to have snow and theyre covered with expensive ski resorts. Id love to sit and watch the snow move down the mountain like that but when it got to me I'd jump in the car and go...
We have malls here to of course but we go sit in them during the unbearable summers for the air conditioning, old people and the unemployed who cant afford to run their air conditioners just about live in the malls all summer.

Adorabibble said...


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hi, just seen you are posting again. Loved the old woman and the wine... LOL
Big weight loss, congrats. And that's a nice photo, best I have seen of you. Trying to figure out who Freedom is...

Have a good week, nice to see you back


Adorabibble said...

AV, thanks so much. Freedom is one of my very dear lovely friends, who I am lucky enough to spend good times with!

Adorabibble said...

Oh she is the one who petted the moose in her year years back.