Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Freedom is in town, and we have been having fun, and due to hurricane force winds along the Alaska coast, I have her an extra night.
we went and had a nice slow day, shopping at Fred Meyers (and 3 rider carts later) and A fabric store visit. freedom got me in and out of the store for under 20.00. that was my budget, and I stuck to it.
and now I have a quiet night, as I promised a picture, Freedom took one of me at the fabric store (a very dangerous place) so there is that.
I actually like the picture.
good night and good luck!


Tempo said...

Good pic, you're looking good, a nice day out certainly makes us happy eh...

Adorabibble said...

Thanks Kymbo!
I actually like the person in the picture.
I have had allot of good day lately!