Saturday, January 28, 2012


well I have a new Psych provider, and she is awesome.
I have been unable to go any further down on meds on my own.
I lost my nut and almost my job and my place to live last time (November).
so we have had a long talk and she is going to start helping me get rid of the meds.
starting the 6th of Feb, we will cut my neurtontin in 1/2 until I am off of it in 4 weeks.
AND we cut my haldol in 1/2.
at the same time I am going on Latuda. it is a newer cleaner version of both meds and does even more, and has less side effects than the two I am taking.
I am having to many mental health symptoms, as my mania and depression are off the charts as are my hallucinations.
Also I am down to 393 lbs for a total of 199 lbs since November or 2010. at least 200 more to go.
also next time I see her(psych) I am going to give here all of my "stored" meds.
these are meds that they have given me and I am not currently taking, and have also hoarded.
don't look at me like that.
why else would you hoard meds?
yes, that reason.
well in 5 weeks They will be hers to send to the incinerator.
that feels really good. why 5 weeks? because that is when I see her again. (trust me she is slammed with people trying to see her.)
so chill, I have to do this in my time. time is a coming.
so thing are progress, I am getting ready for being sick.
I will have to stay off the computer(mainly my emails from work) for a bit it is safest that way, WE are not having shit hit the fan again, even if I get mad at bullshit that is too stupid to even consider.
okay rest saved for part 2 called 5 minutes it was originally done as a draft on the 11th of December and then forgotten about so you will get to enjoy it.

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