Monday, April 2, 2012

still here

I am still here, I am just so fucken tired!

so we are just rolling along keeping my head above water.

I had a run in with a bully Dr, while looking for a new Dr due to the fact that all of the other Dr's are idiots, and I don't see them any more.
I need some one who wont push pills and surgery.
that they will push is hard work, and exercise and self love.
there is time for patience, and it is not now.
the Dr asked me if I was smoking crack and told J to SHUT UP!
he is an angry little man on his way to a nervous break down.
apparently Dr's don't like me calling other "colleagues" "IDIOTS"
and he was transferring all kinds of his shit to me.
I spent all after noon crying.
you know what?
I am still here and intact and still looking for "Dr- doesn't- exist".

so anyone know a great Dr, that doesn't push pills or surgery? and takes Medicaid and me and J are a package deal- we see the Dr together, at the same time. they can't fuck with you as bad if you have back up it is more equalizing. oh well..
strength through unity! sorry the Fascist in me just came out...
we will succeed, and i do mean the royal WE.
love to all, except those of you that I don't :P

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Tempo said...

I had a great doctor, old school. He was straight talking and if you didnt like the truth...tough luck. Sadly he retired (old ago) and the soft cocks that replaced his are useless. I think it's pretty much the same all over the world Shan. Glad youre still soldiering on though.