Monday, April 5, 2010

a horrible night and day

well I woke up screaming. well I was screaming and J could hear me down stairs other end of the building. I was sleep paralysed and all I could do was scream, couldn't open my eyes or move and I was faintly aware I was screaming, the J. woke me up and the screaming really started. at least it wasn't the weekend and everyone was home.
then I forgot to take my meds, so by six thirty pm I was throwing things and trying to start a fist fight with J. totally out of character for me as I am a self destructive person, and I killed a bag of yoghurt containers. then I just screamed and cried till I had it out of my system. someone said it sounded like a small child being beaten to death.
now my face is in full flare, I am losing it.
stark raving bonkers, but all the best are.
fuck it.
am I ever going to be okay?


kbxmas said...

I'm sorry sweetheart. I hope you can get back on top of it quickly. There with you. xoxo

Adorabibble said...

love ya to! hang in there, okay?