Sunday, April 4, 2010

I was inspired!

I have been reading my great friend's blog by the Great AV, and it is only one of his vast blogs~all a great read!
click on the title, and it will take you to Things that Fizz.
AV is a very good cook and is constantly broad-minded my horizons as to different tastes that can go together.
So this is where I was tonight. I had pissed in all the cheerios that I had planned for the day.
And it being Easter and seeing the movie Alice in wonderland, and feeling like I was home, and that I had lost something when I left the theater, I was out of sorts.
so I had a late start, like 5pm.
I had some red pepper bisque recently and it was very metallic, as they used heavy cream. I am trying to stay away from milk products except cheese and yoghurt. I love coconut milk and products.
so I baked some red peppers (7) and potatoes(2Lbs) that were on sale. when they were done I took coconut milk and coconut milk powder (as I would be too runny) and hand blendered it all together then added precooked de-veined shrimp. hint, blender all of the solids to purée before adding the milks. and ya know what? it is faboo!
the metallic taste disappeared.
I also made fried egg sandwiches, and polenta with cheese, sausage and basil red sauce. too salty for my tastes, everyone else liked it.
I like using my own ingredients that I make but sometimes I give up taste for convenience, plus I suck at making polenta.
so happy men, full bellies, and a better Easter than it started.
I actually can't wait to sleep tonight last nights dreams while very disturbing, were nice.
it is always a nice change to have them this side of horrific than the other side...
sleep well all!


Tempo said...

What is that freaky looking critter? Whatever it is, it looks like you just slammed its tender bits in a door...

Adorabibble said...

I dunno, I thought he was cute! he seems nocturnal or he wouldn't have that look!

Anonymous said...

He's a lemur, yes they are nocturnal, probably from Madagascar (there are NO penguins in Madagascar despite what the movie says)

Thanks for the other Adora... received with thanks.


Adorabibble said...


Beth said...

It's a Bush Baby!!! I love how startled they look. Happy belated bunny day, Bib!

Adorabibble said...

you too Beth!