Monday, August 16, 2010

okay fine...

I have had quite the week.
I am in mind killing pain and I LOST my walker.
I was at the farmers market Saturday, and as we got to the car the bags of zuccinni, start breaking and hitting the ground, smooching into to mush.
as we were dealing with that, we lost track of the walker.
we drove off and left it.
found out the following day that when I was going fabric shopping, NO WALKER!!!
panic and realization, ahhh... That is where I left it.

okay get a hold of the church, that the market was in there parking lot.
get a hold of the people who run the market.
put a lost/found in craigslist.
call the home health care company. call my doctor.
check check and double check...

went to the Urologist *bright side*
talked about things and my last er visit, and my pain level.
he did something about it and will start taking over my concerns so I stay out of the ER. I am also starting PT the end of the month.

also I am going on vacation the first part of September for 4 nights and 5 days. here is where I am going...
or click on the title, and it will take you to where I will be going.
I am looking forward to it.
I have books, Christmas presents to make, and sewing to do.

Update my walker was found. the church had it.
went to the acupuncturist, yesterday, I am really sick.
and the vacation, has had 2 more days added to it with another place to stay and some times on the river....
so that is my update. my life has gotten busy, and I am dealing with my pain.


Anonymous said...

The lodge looks great, their slide show was cool. Glad to hear you found your walker and that the pain thing is under control by the sounds of it. Nice to see you back.


Beth said...

Yay! Bib - you're back! Take care, sweets - I hope you're over this dreadful hump. Illness and pain - a pox on you! How dare you mess with Bib!

Adorabibble said...

we are working on it. I am off and on at this point.

Tempo said...

Looks like a super place for a holiday, there's nothing like that here in OZ, it's all sun, surf and sand in your crack... (that runs a bit thin after a while) Hope you have the best times Shan