Saturday, August 28, 2010

This really old guy and this really hot young girl go into a jewelry
store, and the clerk is helping them. The old man says I need a very
special ring for my new girlfriend here. The clerk shows him a $5000
ring, and the guy says more special. So the clerk brings out a $40,000
ring. His girls eyes light up, and the guy said he'd take it. Since it
was Friday evening, and the bank was closed, he would pay by check,
the clerk could verify Monday that the check was good, and he would
pick up the ring Monday afternoon. The guy comes back in Monday, the
clerk angrily tells him that there isn't enough money in the account.
The old guy says "I know, I just came to pick up the check, and tell
you what an awesome weekend I had!"

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Tempo said...

Another gem Shan...