Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm back

I had a blast. I am so tired.
pictures will have to be developed, as I could not find my digital camera.
I am sore and glad to be home.
to give you an idea, we drove almost 600 miles in 7 days, saw a brown bear, (sorry no pictures) and drove 2 1/2 miles through a mountain twice,( there was a tunnel to get to a city thru a mountain)
love ya all!


Tempo said...

Glad ya back and ok. Looking forward to the pics...and stories.

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool, how was the holiday? I bet you got a lot of pics to post.


Anonymous said...

What, no bear pics... I like bare pics


Anonymous said...

Did I spell that wrong?


Adorabibble said...

Tempo, glad to be back!
will follow soon I an just flat exhausted!

AV it was awesome! and it wasn't so much about pictures. I got about 160 pics.
it was more about the experience, and enjoying myself and spending quality time with the man I love, then it was documenting the trip.
I learned a valuable lesson on how to enjoy myself, and stay in the moment and not worry about the next photo op.
I had the best time of my life and J. took such wonderful care of me!
(AHHHHHHH!!!) I know, I am such a mush pie!
And no AV you didn't spell it wrong. none of those I am afraid
(__O__)(__O__)! ;)

Beth said...

so happy for my Bibby! You deserve it, girlfriend. Keep groovin on those moments as they happen. Much love to you!