Monday, June 13, 2011

another year come and gone

to morrow is my 41st b day. Yeah me! I rock! I survived another year.

we will be having jello poke cake, in lemon cake/lime jello, and lemon cake and strawberry jello.
on tomorrow and one for Sunday when mine and CT's b day bash will be held.

we will be having the party Sunday afternoon, and fun and food will be had by all.
(I will be doing all the cooking, something I am totally okay with as I haven't done any kind of party cooking for a bit so I am not totally burned out on it. I will be after this Sunday.)
it is cheaper his way. no extravagant cake or presents it will be a quiet bday.
Although I got a hand full of organic dates this am, Nice HUH?
speaking of dates, I make a really easy cooked pudding.

bananas (ripe and chunked up out if the peel of course)
dates (get the stone out, gloves will keep your hands from getting sticky, or you can spend a grand time chewing on your fingers. getting all the sugar off of your hands.)
and coconut milk. (well a little butter for the pan, and some vanilla, the good stuff, and maybe some pumpkin pie spice (I put it in every thing) ( if I was stuck with only 3 spices to cook with it would be basil, cumin and PPS, so there)
put it on the stove in a pan and cook over medium heat until most of the bananas and dates become undistinguishable from the rest (15 minutes or so)
serve hot or cold and it is delicious.
and as far as amounts equal dates to bananas, and a couple of cans of coconut milk.
this would usually go on my blog "all you can stomach" that is my cooking blog but what the hell... I am feeling festive.
so happy un-birthday to me and happy birthday to me tomorrow.

I will be having fun between melt downs.

love you all and thanks for all the support you have all given me in the last year.
I hope that this year to come will be as awesome as the last!


Anonymous said...

Happy Flag Day - Adora hope you have a Great BD

Adorabibble said...

thanks it is still a couple hours away here!

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Adora, you deserve it. My 60th is comin' up all to fast...


Beth said...

A Happy Pre-Birthday hug to you, Bib! So glad we are friends! I hope your day is wonderful and yummy!

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Happy Birthday :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there I know that we don't know each other that well, but I really like your blog, and I am following you and so I am handing you out an award to share with all of your beautiful friends. Just CLICK HERE when you're ready and click on the picture.

thanks for making my days often...


Dhesegaan said...

Happy Belated Birthday ! I couldn't find you on fb n sorry for the late wish !

Dhesegaan said...

Happy Belated Birthday , Shannon !!! God bless u alwiz n tc....btw i couldn't find ur fb 4 da lat profile...n sorry 4 da late wish !