Saturday, June 11, 2011

well gee....

My last post was about frustration and things that happen that I really don't want to deal with.
I got really angry and made my self sick. are my expectations realistic?, no.
I want (just like everyone else) is to be treated for the person I am.
that is why the internet is so great. I don't know most of you except through your writings.
I have found some very beautiful people.
I may not always read or comment but you guys(and gals) are never far from my heart.

I have been off enjoying the summer and working on my tan (which is finally peeling(I guess I did get sun burned!!~!)) and trying to enjoy myself before winter hits and I start losing meds again.
we are looking at 3 more winters of this.
at least.

so I love you guys and think happy thoughts!

(apparently ignoring people works really well, I think the guy has gotten the hint that he is dog shit in my book)

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Tempo said...

Glad youre feeling better and good. Work through your problems one at a time and be kind to yourself Shan.