Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I found out that I have to go to family if I want info.
you know what? it isn't worth it to me right now.
she died in a long term facility, probably hooked up to tubes and drugged out of her mind.
hopefully it was quick and painless.
my mother was there when my grandmother passed and apparently she went out screaming.
I hope that she was ready and it was quick, and she just passed peacefully.
it is what I would want for myself, well not the tube and drugged up part I can do with out that.
My relatives are viscous, and they scare the shit out of me.
I just don't need that in my life.
I am okay and things are well and I just don't think about things.
eventually things always work themselves out. they just do and it is what it is.
I would rather live my life the way I have apart from them.
even it means that I don't know details. I won't have the hassles either.
I have my own family and my own life, what I have always wanted.
what else is there?


Tempo said...

I agree that we are sometimes better not knowing... Glad youre feeling ok with all this

Adorabibble said...

I actually do. I am sad, but for the reasons of no relationship with her. I tried for years and I did do my best, but one sided relationships are just that.
thanks for all the love!