Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why do people think I care?

I am venting so if you don't want to hear swearing then stop reading.

I rent the rooms where I live. I don't get paid for it. it is something I do because it is what I am best at. I can tell you in 30 seconds what they will be like and do as a tenant.
it is scary how accurate I am.
but this being a business and it isn't mine, the business is to make money.
that is done by keeping rooms rented.
I don't like what I do. I am good at it.
I don't like the people I rent to. 90% of the time I regret renting to people.
but the business isn't mine and I do what I am told.

tenants when they move in here are told some very important things.
clean up after yourself, pay your rent, don't cause problems.
don't look for J in my room, it is off limits.
I can't help you. I don't want to, don't have to.
I cannot help you. I am not the manager.
I am an unpaid secretary, who is intensely uninterested in your problems.
Now if you are sick or hungry, then I am more than happy to help.
if you want to see me for me, then I am happy to see you.
for ANY other reason, Fuck off!

and they just don't get it, they are confused.
does never talk to me again sound confusing?
the last 2 time the tenant in ? has talked to be it has been about building business.
what the fuck is wrong with this asshole?
the first time I laughed at him and walked off letting the manager handle it.
tonight I was not so nice, friend or in any way helpful.
I was screaming and screaming some more.

I have my limits. and every fucken time I leave my room one of these assholes do it.
I am sick. and I hate leaving my room, cause every time I do some asshole jumps my shit.
well living arrangements change.
soon I will be moving.
not because I want to but because some one is dying, and I may never get offered this kind of a situation again. I have already turned it down twice before.
then I will not have to deal with this but some other damn thing.
why did I wake up this morning for this shit?
you are now back to your regularly scheduled program.
tomorrow better be better than today, or some one is getting screamed at.
I hope one day to meet my maker, so I can then kick it's collective ass for this bullshit life I have, dealing with stupid people.
everyone has to live somewhere.
Part of my ad should say, No ASSHOLES.
but then you can't discriminate, and even assholes need a place to live.
Just don't ask me to care about you if you are to stupid to live.
just do everyone a favor and win a Darwin Award.
then fuck off.

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