Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the more things change...

they just do. well for an update to all who care, and if you don't care then why are you reading this? just a thought, those who matter don't mind, and those who don't matter do mind. which are you? if you are the second then... fuck off!

I have lost 94 lbs since this time last year. I am down to 418lbs.
how did I do it? I'm sick.
still trying to get into the rheumatologist, who knows what year that will be, if it is this hard to even get a referral?
I vomit daily, usually first thing in the am, and usually when I eat.
I look good. (snort)
umm. yeah right...
the sun tan and growing my hair out, and the weight loss become me.
(now if I can just keep from loosing the rest of my teeth.)
CT is learning trigger point release therapy from Freedom and youtube. it is the only way I can move. even them it is screaming pain.
sometimes it is just screaming.
when it hits it hits hard and leaves me drained for days.
I sleep allot more and I am less medicated, go fig?
things are in the works for the winter, and the spring beyond.
I am actually looking forward to winter.
although fall is the best time of year.
this winter I will start the great medication reduction, again.
so for now I sit under my heating blanket, and read and watch TV.
I have allot of help between CT, and J and CH. and all of my other lovely friends...
so for the most part things are good. not great but in time I hope for things to get better.
what else do I do, but have hope?
no one said I would live forever.
or that it would be fair or fun.
it is interesting
lots of love and thanks for reading.


Tempo said...

Glad that youre still loosing the weight...sad that youre so damn sick though, I hope that will pass as time goes by but I'm not silly enough to think time is not dragging terribly for you. You'd be in late Autumn now? With a very beautiful Winter to come, I envy you being able to see that every day. (though I dont like cold)

Adorabibble said...

I have had a couple of good day and I am actually hungry, so, so far so good.
in 3 weeks I hope to go off more of the elavil. so I need some time to be able to eat. thanks for the support!

Beth said...

Splendiferous thoughts of healing to you, Bib. I hope the winter brings magic. So sorry to hear about your ills. Losing weight is good...but not by puking it off. I know you're a fantastic cook and eat healthy food, so hopefully you're getting good nutrition. So glad you have friends close by. You've got them far away too :-)