Friday, April 3, 2009

My lovely friend Caleb, who I miss dearly!

One year ago today I was leaving D.C., Virginia, and everyone I knew
to land in a place altogether different. The day didn't go dark right.
The mountains weren't to the west right, and I had no idea where I was
going to live.

Soon after you took me in, and I have not forgotten about you two,
(and Jeremiah).

So if I haven't said it in a while, thank you. Thanks for just being
friends and great managers. I never went without in Anchorage and
today especially I miss it dearly.

So thanks. I hope you enjoy the sun and the salmon run.

Much love,


I am up for a while as my hours are off due to being sick. and what do I receive in the email box, a letter from my lovely friend Caleb. he is just that great of a guy.
we (me and J.) would take turns to see who could hit his limit the earliest in the day with the most tasteless and disgusting jokes or stories...
My favorite what does an old womans pussy taste like...? DEPENDS!!!
that kind of stuff. (Hey I live with 15 men, if you are faint of heart you are reading the wrong blog...!)

Well J. has a baby elephant impression. he pulls out the pockets of his sweat pants for the ears, and then exposes the trunk... GRIN!!!!!!

that picture was at(Caleb and others) going away party to leave Alaska. and he was doing HIS ELEPHANT impression with his arm as his trunk, and he made the elephant noises. I was blown away by how good they were.
he spent the summer up here working and seeing Alaska, after he got out of collage. then when he was done he went back to his lovely girlfriend and started with the next stage of his life. he has stayed in touch. Caleb is thoughtful, smart and funny, and always apologizing due to the fact that he is Caleb (which personally I think is unnecessary, nothing he ever did to me was out of spite or malice) he just has his head in the clouds.
See, he is a deep thinker and VERY smart.

he is one of the better ones of us, in my opinion. and I miss him dearly and am very grateful for the time that he spent in my life, while chasing one of his dreams.

While you are missed,~ you aren't forgotten either my friend...
all my love Shannon