Friday, May 29, 2009


“This award is given especially to these readers. Your visits and comments make me happy to be a blogger. I learn from you, your comments, and your blogs more than I can say.

In the words of Voltaire, ‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.’”

According to Jesse at and his lovely friend the Seeker, that gave him this award.

Jesse says of this award:
"This award therefore goes out to anyone who knows me and who comments. I am not listing my faves, this time you all are free to take this image and post it on your blogs. All that is required is that you link it back to me, and then ask your peeps to do the same; that in itself is a small price to pay for genuine and caring friendship."

so with Jesse's sentiments I feel the same. In my own way of course.
I know that in the past it has been hard to comment, I think I have fixed that. I know it is still hard to get to my page sometimes, I am working on that. (I am still learning folks, and with my pain level It will be another summer in the house hiding and spending all my time on the computer, so it is a work in progress)
Please go and see Jesse's blog it is creative, fun and touching. a good read and a lovely way to see creativity at it's best.
So go see Jesse, take the award, and do the thing above as requested.

love and fishy fishes


Robot Nine said...

Love and fishilicious fishes to you too!

Adorabibble said...

We loves Robotnine, yeses we doeses...