Friday, May 29, 2009


I had a really shitty day, but for some reason my spirits are up, J, bought me flowers and he is up and around, after being flat for a week due to his back spasming.
I like to think that I am tough and have my big girl panties on, but really I love the attention he gives me. I have been deficient in it as, unfortunately I am caught up in my own crap and being a pissed off spoiled 2 year old with a case of the terrible 2's.
So to my best friend I love you and I am sorry I am an asshole.
Now would you stop standing next to me and sulfur burping.
P.S I now have the sulfur burps (so it is not the potato salad) be prepared.

ain't love grand????


Anonymous said...

Get out the wet wipes. I am on my way

Adorabibble said...

J, you are a pig!