Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am so angry

I get on Pixie hollow.
it is a Disney site.
I am a member and I go around doing fairy things.
I met another player online last night.
most that I meet are very MEAN.
this one wasn't a member.
they couldn't afford it.
they didn't complain, they just could not do quests with me.
Disney is very protective of their client s as they should be.
there are allot of REALLY bad people out there.
I did what I could to have fun with them.
most people don't talk to non members.
it can get very clicky and mean.
that is why I just do my own thing.

I had a great thought.
I could buy them a gift membership, and they could get on and play fairy and do all the really neat things that the members do.
two problems, Bad people and Disney.

I didn't want any of there info, don't care.
you have to know an email. I'm not asking. i can't and even if I could they wouldn't let me.

All I wanted Disney to do was to give them the membership and let there parents or whoever have my info in case they wanted to talk to me. I didn't want any info. I just wanted to give the gift.

And the person I talked to at Pixie Hollow, said that even though my intentions were completely innocent, that because there are bad people out there there was nothing that they could do.

So to the bad people, I hope you die a 100,000,000,000 deaths in every painful way possible.
I hope your lives are hell, you sick bastards.

And to Disney. My God you people are all about the all mighty dollar.
there are allot of people in financial distress, and those people have familys.
You are supposed to be about family entertainment.
all you care about is money.

and my friend still has no membership, due to this nonsense.
more than likely they're family is struggling. I am only guessing.

Hey every body, guess what?


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