Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I command you!!!


Quark Expeditions is sending a blogger on a trip to Antarctica. This is probably not possible for me unless I can be chosen to be their blogger, and that means I need the most people voting for me to go.

The person with the most votes goes and the leader seems to have only 1,900 so far. PLEASE go to the link and do the simple registration and vote for me!

Put Alan Around The World truly AROUND the world. Put me on top of the world by sending me to the bottom of the world!

For my friends I promise every detail will be blogged and photos galore. For those not so fond of me (are there any?) this is your chance to stick me where the sun don't shine. (Well, it does, actually, but it still sounds funny!)

Please visit Quark Expeditions and vote NOW!!!

If you possibly could help spread the word to your friends that would be even better!!!

If I send this to you a couple of times I apologize, I have three e-mail accounts with overlap.



I COMMAND you to do this!!!

okay? he is a great guy and he if off on his Bucket list tour of the world.

seriously if you have a minute(and I know you do if you are reading this) vote for my friend Alan!

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Robot Nine said...

Freaking awesome, i hope he wins!