Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guess what?

it is snowing...
okay now that we have the swearing out of the way I hope.
Fuck, nope I just looked out side again. I am off to get picture of this bullshit. will be back later with them.
what happened to breakup?
it is melting, it is intermittent snow~!
forget spring... just let most of the snow melt, and get a good rain to wash the ugly dirt away.
at least it looks kinda clean out there but not for long. it was bad enough that someone had top go do snow removal.


Snow...diminishing this afternoon. Snow accumulation 2 to 4 inches. Highs in the mid to upper 30s. South wind 10 to 20 mph. Along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations...southeast wind 15 to 30 mph becoming light by midday.

Snow showers. Additional snow accumulation 1 to 3 inches. Lows in the 20s. Light winds becoming north 10 to 15 mph after midnight.
I feel like a train hit me, but nothing new is it.
I get cold spells where I am absolutely freezing and others where I am melting, dying of heat.
last night it was hot, so the ice packs came out, and today also.
I was able to cook breakfast with 4 peoples help, and of course they got fed.
eggs-country scrambled, so that they whites and yolks are separate.
potatoes with peppers and onions and porks sausage. some pork brown and serve links, and grits.
I would be a vegetarian, except for pork and cheese.
we all sat around for 2 hours and talked while I was cooking, and we ate at our leisure. snow got removed and food was plentiful. it is nice to live in such a community with like minded people.
I have great room-mates. one of my room-mates got a date shipment, from the lower 48. he has friends that own an organic date farm, and OH MY GOODNESS the dates were delicious.
I brought out the brownies I made. boy did they go quick I made 5 pans, Saturday.
but of course they guys around here live on take-out pizza, deli food and cans of crap.
so when something resembling a home cooked meal appears, they go wild.
as all of them are bachelors, except for J. so that says it there. well at least for the guys I live with.
I know the men who read my blog might take offence at my generalization but it is what it is.
I have seen some of what passes for food for them. most of them have the pizza joints are on speed dial LOL!
I have actually had to tell a few of them "you can't cook in the kitchen" it is a war zone with the smoke alarms going off. and the smell takes forever to get out of the building.
they are a bunch of little boys in grown up bodies.
one of them said they used the oven yesterday and could still smell the brownies that I made Saturday.
I make the most of the 2 kitchens here.
so that is today. all of energy is gone. I am going to go lay down and try to get my internal temp to match the rest of the world and I hope to get a shower tonight. but that is a wait and see kinda of thing, depending on others kind of thing. made a bunch of dr's appts for this month, and I am even more mad at the dr's than I was.
I don't want to see anyone other than the rheumatologist. but I have to see PCP and get him to write my prescriptions right. they still think I am taking 3 baclofen a day and I am all but off it. no point paying for medication I am not using. time to go down the elavil, the puking all the time has stopped, and I am smelling burning every where I go. it is not a pleasant smell to hallucinate. I am going to have to have my rings resized, I keep switching for bigger fingers. I have lost that much weight. I figure near 100 lbs now. I will see when I get weighted next and that will be Thursday, when I see my psych provider. the weight is really noticeable now. so taht is my world today folks. here is something I dug up from 1981. from "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball" I first saw this on video in 1984 it has stuck with me as my favorite version of the song!

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