Tuesday, April 26, 2011

well all hell has broken loose the last couple of days and now it is quiet except for the music from my computer and the sounds of spring clean up.

I am in a good spot right now. not much pain and I am feeling loved.

I have implemented some things that will help. the sign on my door. staying away from every one, and when they get near me letting them to know to be slow and cool with me or all hell will break loose.

I don't have the attention span for my usual diversions. so I walk. or I do the computer thing. or hide under my heating blanket which is where I am off to after this.

I was cooking Easter before all hell broke loose. I just left all of the food. it is sitting in the fridge, and can rot for all I care. I will have someone take care of it.

so it is not all bad, just painful.
love to all.

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the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Hi Dora,
Happy Easter(better late than never)
Is that the right name?
I haven't been posting as my knee and feet have been often numb and atother times, bad pain.