Sunday, April 3, 2011

so i am sitting here

had a big day of nothing. haven't even left my room. I am hiding.
I want a shower, I don't have the energy for a shower. and I have to have help.
CT was sick last week and I think I have it. the flu pains are telling me so.
I managed to get all of my meds down today, and I was able to eat a small salad.
Oh and I had SUGAR!!!! I was going 1 billion miles an hour. now I have lack of attention span and run over feelings. blah meh...
so now I am trying to decide what I will do. it will involve my bed, potty and a book if my eyes will focus, if not I will try to sleep.
the shower is not a good idea as I still have food in my stomach, and unless I want to clean it out of the shower... yeah right. it takes even longer.
blah is good. it keeps me out of trouble.
so here is hoping everyone has a good night, including me.
love to all.

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