Friday, May 6, 2011

the eagle and the three ravens

CT and I were going swimming! were.
we ended up driving up the coast near beluga point.
why is it called beluga point?, cause you can see beluga whales swimming in there pods.
so we pull off the road. WHY DON'T I BRING MY CAMERA?
well I didn't bring it. CRAP!
so we sit in the sun and walk to a minor water fall on the side of the road.
we drive farther down the coast, and we find this spot. it is really sunny and lightly raining. the sky is navy in color in some places. so we see this eagle and this raven dive bombing each other. so we watch for the next hour in the rain and sun the eagle and first one raven then two then three show up to kick the eagle out of this tree that is 100 ft from me to the eagle. they fight in the air and such for the next hour, then chase the eagle off. I have never been so close to one, and it was talking to me.
in all it was a beautiful day by where the ocean meets the mountains.
so I will bring Mister camera!


Tempo said...

...and when you have the camera, nothing will happen..

Adorabibble said...

and it was true!

Beth said...

so cool! How lucky you are to have been so close to nature!