Thursday, May 5, 2011

learned all I know about being cold from Alaska

well it looked like it from this side of the winnie the pooh curtains. I forget that light doesn't mean warm as nice as it has been. I rained solid yesterday and oh boy did we need it...
it is still sleepy day I stayed in bed till 9:45am and everyone else is still sleeping more than an hour later. I have made tea and such startings for the day I am currently getting a start on the days medication natural or other wise.
did you know that I have 3 guys to take care of me?
J you should know who he is, CT my PCA he does far more than he gets paid for, and horse he is the recovering crack head that I get pissed at every so often and put him in deep freeze land. I learned all I know about being cold from Alaska.
(I got diverted by the morning and care and feeding the family.)
we had eggs and toast and fruit.
I am making up lamb with carrots and potatoes and elephant garlic and onion and leeks.
I am soaking it all in half and half, and spices. it will be roasted tonight or tomorrow. haven't decided.
me and CT are going swimming, hopefully soon and then we can sit in my room and watch a movie he bought on DVD. hopefully I can sit through the movie. I have trouble sitting still for more than 10 minutes.
so instead of walking today. we will swim.
the weight is coming off, and now that the cramping from the dandelion incident has subsided it is time to move again. so I am off to my day.
up by 9am sleep by 9pm.
yes I do need that much sleep, sucks but it takes my meds that long to start to wear off.
so if you see me splashing by just wave, I will be the piranha shark with the mohawk beefing up on my bare fist fighting of sharks.
I know it is okay if you don't understand, nobody does =P


Tempo said...

We have a saying here for when tourists ask us about our habit of sharing our waters with Sharks..
'I dont have to swim faster than a shark...I only need to swim faster than you!'
I suggest you bring some friends with you when you swim over...slow friends!

Adorabibble said...

nice Tempo! I will have to remember that!