Tuesday, May 3, 2011

well it was bound to happen...

I have been playing with herbs.
ginger, slippery elm, peppermint. dandelion, turmeric and such.
I make teas, and capsules out of these things.
this is what I am doing instead of taking the dr's drugs.
what happened? explosive diarrhoea!
I mixed up the dandelion with the ginger, in tea yesterday. so instead of pain relieving tea, I get "OH shit I have to shit" tea. at least that is how it works on me.
and I have muscle cramps in my lower legs.
I am on the cane today because of it.
lack of water in my system from the dandelion root.
dandelion literally translated means wets the bed.
dandelion is also a laxative!
umm, yeah fun!
but at least I figured it out before I got too sick.

Just because it is natural doesn't mean it is always safe.
I have what I figure to be a fair knowledge of these things. AND I catch this stuff before it kills me. I have a better success rate then the dr's, at least with me.
so I am learning to deal with my mistakes.
hey everyone who had the tea has a squeaky clean colon.

does it never end? I was writing this and I got interrupted by work. and I will be back and forth to this most of the day. what does work entail? stuff at the computer, on the telephone and just general screwing around. The pay is shit and non-existent but it keeps me busy, and in trouble with everyone ROFLMAO!

Fuck me,*You should see the faces of men when I say that, and I do allot*
well folks here is to the day stuck to the computer, and ahem, toilet!


Anonymous said...

A squeaky clean colon, now there's something to think about...

AT least you sound a lot perkier.



Tempo said...

Oh I hate days like that..bananas help to bind...but be careful..they're 'natural'

Adorabibble said...

AV & Tempo you guys rock!

I am allot perkier,

and bananas are great, now I am stopped up!


Beth said...

I need some dandelion :-p