Tuesday, May 17, 2011

work, or what I do when at my computer

I rent properties. where I live and other wise.
it keeps me busy. Like I can never have my phone ringer on.
they call at 2 am.
or the guys that called me from the states.
"HI I am morbidly obese and my arms are too short to reach my ass, you got anyone to help with that?" "Just Kidding!!!"
then we proceeded to talk about how scary women are and he wanted to know about me and my girlfriends. sorry not going to discuss that with you have to go.
or what time is it where you are?
you have the ad that I placed on CL if you don't know what time zone Alaska is in you are in trouble. answer Alaska Standard time! google it.
or there is the guy who had 80 or so (and I am rounding down) charges for everything. drugs violence and so on over the last 25 years. and he has spent more time in jail than out. only sober due to being in jail. when you have 2 years clean(and-oh-so-proud-of-it) and you have been in jail for the last 2 years, we don't need to talk.
or the woman that called me from drug treatment and didn't bother to tell me, I had to figure it out my self. when I called her back to let her know we had things serious to talk about, she never showed up.
today I have a worker call from the shelter I told her everything was in the ad and that I will not deal with third parties.
everything is in the ad. with the volumes of calls I get it is really hard to tell every single person everything. therefore the ad. if you can't take the time to read the ad,~ we have nothing to talk about.
most of the time I cringe when I have to answer the phone.
people are stupid and incredibly rude.
I just turn it around.
what else can I do?
back to the salt mines, now that I have complained about the idiots I have to deal with.
now I just have to fill 2 empty rooms with non idiot people.
yeah. right. whatever.


Anonymous said...

I love your title for that post, brilliant


Tempo said...

'Non idiot people' do they exist? I read something on a blog that said...All people seem nice until you get to know them.
Frankly I wouldn't even rent a property to some of my own family, good luck filling your rooms
Gee, when I think about it you must have some really good/funny stories about your adventures in marketing? LOL

Adorabibble said...

renter's lie. I had a doozy today can't even talk about it , it was that bad.
too much fun!