Sunday, May 8, 2011

I absolutely HATE mother's day

HATE IT. why?
have you met my mother no, then read my blog.
today is a fucken scam day. full of bullshit.
I was fine sleeping at my computer sick to my stomach trying not to puke, when I get woken up and have the fucken day forced on me,
so much screaming later, I am alone with everyone in the spaces dreading the next encounter with me.
Just leave me alone.
I hate the day and what bullshit it represents.
My mother left me with nothing well less than that and now she is dying alone.
take your fucken mothers day and shove it up your shiny happy ass. Just leave me the fuck out of it.
(middle finger)

1 comment:

Tempo said...

LOL...I'm that way with Christmas day.. In fact I'm pissed about all the commercialization of what should have been good, clean wholesome days.