Friday, November 18, 2011

I love my friends that comment!

Tempo who lives in the land of Australia, is one of my most active commenter's, (I do love the rest of you too!!) left me this comment to my last post. "it's actually already Friday here in OZ. At the time of commenting it's 5:08pm and 102 deg F"
all I can say is HOLY BATSHIT!, SHEEPMAN!!!! I know those are New Zealanders traits, but heck!
102 degrees? know I know why they say it in Celsius of 39 or 42 degrees. cause it sounds so much better than OVER 100 degrees.
70 is a heat storm to me, I have thick blood from living all my life in cold weather.


Partly cloudy with patchy morning fog. Sunny this afternoon. Highs 5 to 15 above...coldest on the east side of town and outlying areas. North wind to 10 mph.

Clear in the evening then becoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows zero to 15 below....coldest on the east side of town and outlying areas. Light winds.""

it is currently -3 degrees.
I am trying to figure out IF I have to go out today.
I might, I might not. I have not thrown up this am yet, I am sick just not as bad as today, THANKYOU!

well I am as used to cold as tempo is to hot, althou I think it gets cold there too.
I am learning more every time I read his blog, you should go read it!
it as a funny about the difference between OZ and NZ, and has some lovely references to sheep!

so if I have done it right you can click on the link(title of the post), or copy and paste and then bookmark his page, as it is a lovely read. Http://

I know I am not a big commenter but I do read all of my friends posts and it is always so nice to here about you all.
talk to you soon.


Tempo said...

Hi Shan, such a nice post and a plug for me too.. Thanks.
Here is South Australia we get the best/worst of both worlds. Summers here come off the nearby deserts and the hot North winds can dry and kill full grown trees in an afternoon. Heat stroke is a normal summer activity..
Winters suffer from the cold southerly winds straight off Antarctica with nothing to slow the fierce winds until it hits the mainland. The temps only get to around +3deg but that cold wind.... (I know that sounds wimpy to you)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

We tell the same jokes about Aussies... LOL

I do get around here occasionally, perhaps not as often as i should.

The word verify is 'canchum' sounds like something an Aussie would do to a kangaroo.