Sunday, November 27, 2011

the moaning door.

I live near one of the exits to the building, and it has been ever so cold.
WHOREFROST, I mean hoarfrost, is every where.
cold effects doors locks and buildings. this building was built before the 1964 earthquake, and with stood it.
the building howls when it is windy, and the door near me moans like a whore when she doesn't get paid.
okay but seriously the door moans like a woman getting...
umm, yeah.
the orgasm door, Lisa the moaning door, and so on.
the door is getting allot of action, *sigh*
and moaning it's head off.
okay fine!
have a happy rest of the weekend.


Tempo said...

My house would be about the same age as yours, here though the roofs are all made of tin which bangs all night when it's windy and creaks early morning and late evening as it expands and contracts... No moaning though!

Beth said...

LOL, Bib! :-D