Tuesday, November 22, 2011


last night no vomiting but laying there wanting to die, finally get to sleep, and CT wakes me up at midnight. I almost killed him. I remember allot of screaming, something he missed during the day,
Midnight? really???
I have to try to eat something here as my stomach is churning.
I am eating a banana, and I am totally GACKED!
when it gets bad I have taken to singing "Kumbaya" in my head very quietly, I am so sick and I want to die so all I can remember is Kumbaya. it is strangely soothing at hard times.
oh there is always music in my head, as I am always singing something, to much to some people's opinion.
(middle finger here)
oh and to my period that showed up Sunday, (weren't you taken care of by surgery 2 years ago? NO!)
I have had the TENS unit on my lady parts for 3 days now, not lady bits which are lower, hey this isn't "JACKASS the movie" WHOO HOO!
I am not that big of an idiot.
so coming up on thanks giving, (I will not be participating this year, for me this year it is like any other day and I have far to much to do.)
so happy Whatever to you.
(I'm the one with my head still in a trash can)
love to all

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Beth said...

Awesome Suzanne Vega song! Thank you for your most excellent taste in music :-)