Wednesday, November 16, 2011


well I have sworn off food. as I have puked every time I eat so it is just water now. I cancelled my psych and PT due to my stomach, can't lay on it and do My I,T,Y,& w's. and I AM DAMN FED UP WITH DR'S RIGHT NOW!
so not much else other than I want the number of the truck that hit me.
this seemed to be better than last time as I have all summer built my body up for this and it has not been months of puking so I think am more resilient, this time, but each time it will get worse.
the migraine is there in the back ground like in my jaw which has been clinched for days now.
so I am not a happy camper. what am I going to do? what I always do put my head down and trudge.
thanks for reading.

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