Saturday, June 27, 2009

Freedom's Birthday!!!

It's your birthday, yes, it's true.
Another birthday, and your feeling screwed.(and not in a good way)
Cause dumbass mom and dumbass dad,
could not be bothered, to remember your special day.
Don't you worry or fret, cause I didn't forget.
You have your paper pickle, and your gallon of garlic gherkins.
I wish you the world on this special day, and all of the love to come your way.
that all your wishes will come true, And know that I love you!

Silly Twat!

happy birthday bestest buddy!

AND those dumbasses can go piss up a rope, in a force 100 million hurricane, over the polar ice cap, with there butt cheeks glued together, in -150 degree weather, naked covered in honey and flesh eating parasites, eating there eyeballs, then drowned, eaten by polar bears and shit into a steaming pile of poo that they really are for forgetting you birthday!!!!
So there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Adora....LOL

this was a very interesting post....


Adorabibble said...

hey Jesse!,
ofcourse it was interesting it wasabouts Freedoms!
She is one of the most interesting neatest people I know... wait that is the only kind of people I knows!!!


beth said...

she's lucky to have you Bib. And may I have permission to use that barrage of ill-wills on a few people I know?

Adorabibble said...

oh yes, and there is plenty more of that where it came from. look at weird al's