Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love Craigslist!!!

Craigslist is not the evil thing all think it is.
I love it.
Now gentle reader you have heard me mention the Cave Troll, he is one of my best male friends and Wednesday was his birthday. While I am a Gemini, Freedom and Cave Troll are Cancers!
Well CT has gotten over the years many, many, too many, sheep from me.
Both being mostly Irish, the first summer I knew him I bought the cutest sheep pillow for myself, and he started teasing me, now he has every kind of sheep imaginable.
well there were two sheep he just didn't want any more. (one black, one white)
I found them a couple years back at a sale, where the mother had a whole scene involving these sheep and a wall and also paint for a counting sheep theme. They are made out of wood,covered in wool, rather flat, no eyes, and 1 & 1/2 ft high and 3 ft long ???
So this year for CT bday it was all about cows as he is truly sick of sheep.
that is another story for another time.

so I posted the sheep on CL and this is the ad I posted:

Well folks...
I have 2 strange stuffed Sheep, that need a new home, BAAAdly!!
One Black, One White, at least 1 to 1 1/2 foot tall.
They need a new Shepherd/Shepherdess (Bo Peep like).
If Ewe would like the Sheep, then please tell me why they should come home with Ewe?
Best/most creative/funniest, story/reason gets the Sheep!
When Ewe look into their nonexistent eyes, Ewe will know that Ewe have done the right thing.
A good thing.
They are waiting for Ewe.

I know it is hard to fall in love with sheep with out a picture.
think of this as a blind date/love at first sight kinda thing...

They have asked me, to ask Ewe, to please leave a phone # & reason !!!
They want to continue to be taken care of in the life style that they have become accustomed to.



I got a great response and the sheeps got themselves a fine home this is the winning response:

Ewe light up my life...

Dear Shepherd/Shepherdess,
This is like a match made in heaven. I have been trying to sleep for years. I've tried everything, books, numbers, even Burt Reynolds autobiography for crying out loud, and nothing has worked as of yet until this opportunity herded it's furry little rump in my direction. I'm sure in no time at all, I can count those sheep one by one and my eyes will soon be shut. So if you could whisper in those sheeps ear, that my reason is that I can't live slash sleep without ewe, let me know what they think. I have a loving home and can't wait to include them as family.

Insomniacs waiting baaaadly for ewe!
these people are awesome and funny, we talked for a minute when the sheep where exchanged.
I told them about this blog.
they said that most people either have a stick up there ass or a fire cracker.
Now that is my sense of humor.

it only takes a minute to be nice.

love and fishy fishes,


beth said...

omg bib! thanks so much for posting the weird al craigslist vid, hahahahaha!!!! a trashcan of styrofoam peanuts for free...trashcan not included. the man's a genius! and a great story related by you, as usual :)

Adorabibble said...

there are things like that seriously on CL he got his stuff from there even if he spliced it all together.