Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Cave Troll

now you may of heard me mention him, he is like the little brother who will talk to me.

now I have been known to order him things like the magazine OUT, (which he gives to me and I just adore it, as I have a subscription to THE ADVOCATE, which I also love, CHECK THEM OUT, the are well written and thought provoking, unless ya are a homophobic, then why do you come to my blog? you small minded piece of crap...?)

I also order him men underwear catalogs, with guys with big junk, that you can really see.

he isn't homophobic, he just doesn't like other mens penises, or guys hitting on him...(remember good old "Mr Rogers" not the TV one (you perve) the old man that lived ion our building who thought CT was HOT, he would walk down the hall in his best falsetto, sing "I'm pretty and witty and GAY!!!" giving CT smoldering looks.

he doesn't care what they do as long as they leave him out, he really does like girl on girl action, (BUT WHO DOESN"T????)

so I just ordered him 1 year of "Elegant Bride"

***Congratulations! $10.00 in e-Rewards Currency has been redeemed for your Elegant Bride (English language, one-year subscription). We hope you enjoy your selection. Your Reward confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail with instructions on how to redeem this Reward.***

It should go nicely with the Playboy subscription that he has ordered for himself, for some reason and not my fault he is also getting Martha Stewart Living...

which begs the ?, what the f*ck are you up to CT???
you are going to be a well rounded young man.
or extremely sore from your periodical use...

I can barely breath, I am laughing so hard...

have a great one gentle readers!

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