Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh well.....

these are mother's day flowers I made...

today would have been my grandmothers 91st bday.
had she been part of the living. she died almost 15 years ago.
how long do you mourn someone?
better question who will mourn me when it is my time?
answer: some...

I usually make up bouquets for her grave site mothers day, bday and death day.
I was in the store and I was picking out silk flowers. last time on mothers day, I came to the realization that I was going to get what *I* liked,
and it sure as hell wasn't going to be roses, what she liked.
so I have my cart and I am thinking of choices, and it occurs that I just don't care and nothing looks good.
so I went to the fabric isle, and I found some wolf fabric for J.
something I know he liked and I did to. I am going to make him a wall quilt just because,
because I love him and he is still alive. and he loves me and puts up with my nonsense.
(we were in walmart at 7pm on a FRIDAY night, talk about loving someone)
you know what he was doing? looking for stuff to make my life better.
and since it was 730pm when we got out of there, he took me to Wendy's (there goes the weight I lost)
so there we have it.
and a hint all the questions are rhetorical!
take it easy gentle reader!

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beth said...

It sounds like a great love you and J have. I love when I read "he was looking for stuff to make my life better." That's love - wanting to make the other person's life better :)