Tuesday, August 18, 2009

funny but true!!!

I have a funny for ya true story!
when I was being a pain before I realized I was being quite nasty to J. (I, forgot to take most of my meds) for some reason I get this Idea that he would be better off with me...(not true) but all of my messed up thinking and past abuse hits me.
well as I was calming down, J made the comment that he is robbing the cradle with me. I told him that I will be forty in 10 months or so.
and that he was full of it. He is unhappy being older, feeling like a geezer.
I told him it was bull poo.
then he asked a question?
how old was I when he was 18 years old....
answer 2 1/2 years old, I was a toddler.
then he asked the question that men ask... (like who wears the pants in this family!?!)
except it was "who wears the diapers in this family?"
I do.
while being chronically ill, I have also issues from a bad reaction, to to meds they mixed on me at 14 yo.
one of my many stays. they mixed Thorazine and a antibiotic. and there went my bladder muscles.
so I am a toddler (WELL I was throwing a tantrum like one of the best)

any hoo, I think it is funny!


beth said...

I think it's funny, too :)

Adorabibble said...

it is NOW!. wasn't when it was happening.
that is what makes the best stories!
glad ya liked it