Saturday, August 8, 2009

who can tell me the name of the song????


Ghost of M's wife said...

Hey Adorabibble,I don't know the words,but I <3 this cat's expression. He looks so devious and sly and the words on it I can really relate too.
I been going through so much adversity with my doctors who hate me and want to put bad labels on me instead of helping me with my forces.They want to make me be their project.Just somebody who says "yes" all the time.Somebody who just walks around happy all day with a big phoney smile. I been fighting them for months.
Wish me luck.


Adorabibble said...

hey JL
you hang in there. I have had similar, fights, "just shut up and take your meds"
do what we tell you to or we are going to lock you up and you will never see light again.

They PISS ME OFF!!!!
You fight the good fight hang in there and if you need me I am here. I will do what I can at least I can listen!
you have all of the luck I have, sweety!

love and fishy fishs

beth said...

Linkin Park!! Krwlng!