Thursday, January 28, 2010

bear with me.

I am soo sick and not getting much better. I am very dizzy and I am already sick of bed. and I am wearing the pears I was eating, good thing they are in pear juice and not syrup.
It will get worst before better. but I will lose some weight being sick so I'm at least on the right track.
love you all. I hate antibiotics.
what can I say I love cats.


Friend said...

Hi Adora ! I really hope you are recovering . Get Well Soon !!!

~ Friend

Friend said...
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Grgg said...

Aww, get well soon bibs

Adorabibble said...

the reason I deleted the post as it was a repeat of the one above it. I know it was sent with love as all of the comments are!

Michael said...

Get well soon!

(I like antibiotics. They save me many irritations of the skin.)

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."

Adorabibble said...

thanks for all the love!