Friday, January 1, 2010

how did you break in the nEW YEAR??? OR WHY i LIVE WITH dUMBASSES!

I have told you about the Cave Troll... one of my good male friends and room-mates.
keep in mind he did NOT DRINK last night this is how he is on a regular basis, he is really smart and REALLY STUPID!
he went to the store at 3am last night New years day, to get mayonnaise for work today.
that is your first clue He thought that he has to work on New years day...
he also doesn't do drugs. he is just a really dumb and lucky idiot.
the store closed at 10 pm and re opened at 6 am due to the holiday, it was also 4 degrees, at 3 am last night.
and he felt his keys in his pants pocket all last night as he was gaming on his machine (computer)
well when he went out he had no keys, well no household keys just car keys.
we are on the second floor. he went to go try the ladders that are locked up. they are locked due to the fact that the bums would steal and sell them, not that anyone would break in.
so being that he is smart he starts to look for a way in, he can't get me to open the door due to the fact that I sleep with ear plugs due to just such things, except they are always drunk and stupider. *update he had his phone on him and could of called J. but didn't want to piss him off.*
so he checks around the complex, and see a couple of really dangerous possibilities here is a picture of cave troll. ( here he is with Nappy on his lap last year, I still have Nappy I am a BAAAAAD girl)

he is not a little man he is 5'11" and about 275lbs, lets put it this, way he can lift me up.

so that being said remember when I said he had the car key? so he unplugs the car and turns it around and backs it up to the front balcony(WHICH IS ON ACCESSIBLE BY BEING IN THE BUILDING OR IF YA ARE SPIDER MAN.) keep in mind we live right next to the grocery store, and THE POLICE SUBSTATION!

he move the car. he goes and digs out a wooden pallet out of the frozen snow, from the back of the grocery store, which once again is next to the POLICE SUBSTATION...
he puts it on top of the car and crawls over the baloney, gets in to the building and gets his keys. goes back down and puts the car right and plugs it back in.
now drum roll please...
he did all the moving of the car with the front wind-shield being blocked by a cover like this

apparently the police were out getting the drunk people not the stupid people.

I do have to give him credit that he did get into the building and figured it out by himself, and he didn't break his neck, wreck the car, or end up in jail with a felony.

I love this guy he is like the little brother that will talk to me.

after telling me this he tells me not to tell J. (YEAH RIGHT)
J. has had a pinched nerve, for the last week, and is definitely cranky with reason.
he laughed so hard when he heard.
so while I was sleeping even sober people were doing stupid stuff!
Happy new years!
love and fishey fishes,

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