Saturday, January 23, 2010

how I spent the last couple of weeks...

helping out friends with there business.
customer service work.
for one I am sporting 1/2 of a Mohawk. they call it a fohawk.
the rest of my head is shaved to a 1. for those of your that don't know what that is it is the setting next to bald.
remember woody the wood pecker....?

I have the attitude to go with it, I am not really a people person, and I am not able to be bullied any more. living with 15 men will do that to you.

so I am not having my usual 11 hours of sleep. I am living on coffee and people that want to strangle, shove stuff down my throat and don't like my "Gestapo" attitude.

You know what? things are they way they are. and if you owe money and are 4 months behind, I don't want to hear your sob story. pay your damn bill and get the fuck off..

One guy was like "I'm not arguing with you" yes sir you are "no I am not arguing with you"...
fine pay what you owe or your stuff goes to auction.

you know what 90 percent of people store? Garbage, literally. you have seen those extreme hoarders shows? just like that.

-now I also had allot of fun to and met really nice people. I am glad it is over though.

J. is laying in my bed and asked me what time I wanted to be woken up tomorrow. I told him that he is taking his life in his own hands. if by some chance I do wake up I am going right back to sleep.

but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO..... cute.
yeah, that's it. cute with a fohawk and a piranha 'tude.

AnD tHaT iS wHy pEoPlE lOvE mE!!!!

My self esteem has soared, every obstacle put in front of me I conquered, AND people LOVE me!
How great is that, I rock!

and the icing on the cake I hadn't seen someone that I know really well for like 3 months, first thing out of there mouth was "MY GOD YOU HAVE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!"
yeah, I have,~ a small child, actually!



Grgg said...

"cute with a fohawk and a piranha 'tude" - you sound like me and everyone I ever hung out with in high school :o)

Adorabibble said...

but I will be 40 this year, really though I an still a teenager mentally.
growing up the way I did, I didn't get a chance to do things the first time, I was to busy surviving.

so now that my time is mine and I have an awesome support system, I am free.

( O )( O )


Friend said...

That's the way , fren ! Enjoy your life . Good Luck !!!!!!!!

~ Friend