Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fun and my whoo hoo!

(I have crotch cooties)
bacterial vaginous like a yeast infection but bacteria.
like an ear infection, but of the whoo hoo.
would explain the month and 1/2 of pain...
but none of the usual symptoms, the dr. thinks, since I keep myself so clean.
Finally got diagnosed guess how?
dr appt this am.

"I gotta pee you guys want a sample?
I have pelvic pain.(pain that has had me in the fetal position for days now, sucking down motrin like water)
oh okay then we want one."

(have any of you guys been kicked in the nads with a steel toe boot?)

damn dr doesn't want me on meds and then wants to put me on antibiotics,
I freaked and went to the ER they gave me this gel to put in my whoo hoo.
big joke going there....
DR. said that I could eat it and it wouldn't make me sick, I told the dr that that was just gross, like deliveries in the rear.
he look like he swallowed an apple up his ass. hahahahaha...
I told the nurse and she said V-A-G-I-N-A-L-L-Y!
then the pharmacist tell me not to drink alcohol with this... apparently u AREN'T supposed to drive right after using this vag gel!
cool! not only does it cure my pain but makes me unable to operate heavy equipment.
I took it an I am now numb, from the waist down.
damn modern medicine is good!

freedom just sent me this:
BV is gross! I feel terrible for you that you got it...but, what can I say? Maybe it's good you did, because your doctors have finally begun to respect your health issues a little bit more.

Did I tell you about this article I read last week detailing the woes of fat women when they see their physicians versus the woes of fat men? (anybody 20lbs+overweight). Fat women are more likely to be seen as lazy and undisciplined than fat men, and therefore receive substandard health care!

I'll find the article i read and send it to you.


something I watched on TV today, said that a study was done. they showed fat men and women separately to test groups and told them to write down what came to mind.
for the men: chubby strong athletic.
for the women: lazy gross disgusting.

there are more and more people my size and bigger, and it is just going to get worse.


Grgg said...

Ok, when I first realized the post was about your whoo hoo I wanted to run to the bathroom screaming, so I could wash my eyes out with toilet bowl cleaner...

But the way you just nonchalantly go into TMI territory with no care in the world is EPIC!!

Aah, the joys of having found a kindred spirit...

Adorabibble said...

yes we are aren't we. I have just loved your posts, (I have to go back and read some of the older ones)

everything is fair in love, war, whoo hoo's, and sphincters. and when the gel was making me loopy I thought the post was funny, and now after not being loopy I still think it is great!

BTW~!, pet Sphincter and Gucci for me!

Argentum Vulgaris said...

The whoo hoo... LOL I had to laugh, Ellen used to call it her LooLoo even though the accepted Portuguese word for a kid is Xerereca. I don't know where she got it from.

In answer to your question about the steel-capped boots, yes, you have my sympathy.


Adorabibble said...

thanks AV!